This is the official website of Chicago-based author, Barbara Deloris Walker.

Barbara is the author of The Multicolored Robe and is currently working on the sequel, titled: 'The Magical Saints and Sinners' (the whimsical visible journeys).

The Multicolored Magical Robe is Barbara Deloris Walker's first novel. She is a member of The Rosicrucian Order, and has studied with a Secret School of Ancient Mysteries since 1983.

Her unique style of writing is both captivating, thought-provoking and she has the wonderful ability to take the reader to places you thought were not imaginable.

"Barbara is a one-off. In this business you meet and read works from those who want to be professional authors but in cases like Barbara Deloris Walker: this is a writer who was born to be a professional author. Sure, one can learn different aspects of writing like structure and planning but in the end - to truly be considered a writer of true worth it is down to a simple matter of fact that you either have it or you don´t. Barbara is uncoachable; what she writes and the way she writes simply cannot be taught. It is a natural talent that someone, somewhere has blessed her with."










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